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[IP] Re: adhesive capsulitis/alternative treatments

So nice to feel like you are not alone!  I too have been struggling with
chronic & intense shoulder pain for almost a year!  I have been through it
all - xrays, MRI's, physicial therapy, NSAIDS, cortisone shot (of note,
these days cortisone injections within the joint are designed to exert
their influence *within* the joint, and have less of an effect on glucose
levels than they used to.  For me, I found that an increase in basal rates
by .1 unit throughout the day was all that I required for about 2 weeks
after the injection.  Unfortunately the shot did NOT even touch my pain!)
Turns out that my "adhesive capsulitis" is secondary to an impingement
syndrome.... diagnosed via MRI, where my humeral head (or should I say
"humorous head?" ;) within the shoulder joint has migrated upwards,
probably due to a fall off my horse last spring, & is pinching the
nerve/artery plexus everytime I raise my arm.  It is felt that the
adhesions are occuring in part, & thanks to my diabetes, as a result.
	Anyway, the reason that I am sharing all this is that I am currently
getting some dramatic relief with the help of a chiropractic physician.
Believe me, the idea sounded crazy to me at first.  I work in healthcare,
and although I always considered myself open to holistic approaches, this
was ME & I was skeptical.  But rather desperate, and so.......  I am not
cured yet, but finally I am having some hope.  And some sleep!  (I was up
every 2 hours previously with the pain.)  The chiro I am seeing is
excellent.  He has spent alot of time with me, explaining what is happening
from a pathophysiology point of view.  He has a neuro specialization.  I am
SO PLEASED!  AND one of the best recommendations he gave me was suggesting
a week long course of the holistic "Valerian Root".  He actually
recommended (as well as someone at the healthfood store) something called
"Formula 303" (Valerian Root/Passiflora/Magnesium Carbonate) homeopathic
tablets.  I truly feel that this also helped ease some of the discomfort. 

	In the meantime, I am scheduled to see my osteopath tomorrow.  I will
consider the surgery or manipulation options.... but at the same time, I
will continue working with the chiropractor.  I do miss my shoulder though.
 I am only 31 years old, and would describe myself as a
"cartwheel/back-flip type" person (even MORE so now with the pump!!), who
has recently been struggling with washing my hair & taking off a
turtleneck!  Pardon the french but, "THIS SUCKS!"  ;)  - Hope this helps
someone else.

-Delaine   :)
Type 1 15 yrs; MM507 since 11/97

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