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Re: [IP] carb counting vs glycemic index


I don't think there are many of us who pay a LOT of attention to the glycemic
index of  different foods, although it can be helpful to know a little bit
about them.  For me, and YMMV, I just count the carbs and extend the square
wave if the food contains a lot of fat.  Pizza and (now) Mexican Food come to
mind as examples.  Fat slows down the absorption of glucose.  Some Chinese
foods contain a lot of arrowroot which is evidently quite high on the glycemic
index.  Consequently, this food will hit you fast and hard so be ready!  I
think there is a list of glycemic indexes somewhere on the IP website, you
have to follow a few links.  It is worth taking a look at them but I wouldn't
worry about them too much.

Mary Jean

> Dear list members,      In preparation for going on the pump, I've been
>  trying some serious carb counting.  I'm wondering what people's thoughts
>  and experiences are regarding the "glycemic index."  Is this worth worrying
>  about or is it a second order effect?  Does a food with a low glycemic
>  index just mean that you need to extend the square wave bolus?   Thanks.
>  -wm
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