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Re: [IP] carb counting vs glycemic index


It is pretty easy to get overwhelmed when starting pumping. Carb counting
can be a bit confusing if you have never done this before. Knowing the GI
factor of foods can help tremendously, but try not to let yourself get
overwhelmed in the beginning by all the details. I use my very limited
knowledge of the Glycemic Index to help me fine tune my plans and
understand the way my body reacts to food.

I try to consider the "GI" factor of foods when counting carbs (if I have
that information available), but I don't become overly concerned with it. I
simply consider it as a variable when I plan a meal. I understand that a
high GI factor food will raise my BG quicker and possibly higher than a low
GI factor food. I use this info in planning how much of a lead time to give
myself after bolusing, before I eat. I may also use this information when
planning supplemental boluses for post prandial highs.

I try to factor this information into my overall meal plan, to try to
maintain a good balance of carbs. If I know my meal has a large number of
carbs, I will try to balance the carbs among low GI factor foods and those
with a slightly higher GI factor. This seems to keep my post prandial BGs
from skyrocketing. I don't want a meal with only high GI factor foods if I
can help it. This seems to work for me - others may report different results.

When I started pumping, I did not worry too much about the GI factor of
foods. As I get better at all this, it is easier to deal with this
additional information. Some day, maybe I'll be real good at it ;-) Until
then, I just learn to live with a few wrinkles now and then. 

One suggestion might be to try to get comfortable with the foods you
normally would eat in a "well balanced diet". Try to learn a little bit
about some of the foods you might encounter when dining out, maybe get to
know some fast foods. Check out the Insulin Pumpers "HowTo" web page Words
document for info on Oreos - better to be over prepared ;-)

Work with the foods you have become comfortable with, then use the
additional information provided by facts such as the Glycemic Index to fine
tune your carb counting.

This is just a suggestion from someone who has occasional moments of
"brilliant" luck with carb counting, but usually is happy to be fairly
close ;-)

Bob Burnett

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