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Re: [IP] Estimating insulin needs

At 10:55 4/8/98 EDT, Carolyn wrote:
>Mexican is really a high fat type food especailly when it is Americanized.
>you may want to bolus some for the carbs and square wave for about 3 to 4
>hours.  sometimes it is just trial and error.

This is exactly what I do for Mexican food.  The pre-dinner chips and salsa
cause a bit of a spike, so I bolus immediately for that.  Then I square-wave
bolus for the remainder of the meal for at _least_ a 3-hour duration.

I also found that I usually underestimate just how much insulin will be
needed to cover everything, so I've lately taken to multiplying my estimate
by about 1.25, and stretching the bolus out even further.


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