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Re: [IP] carpal tunnel syndrome

Seems like everytime I'm gonna make a post on something someone beats me to
it. LOL.  Anyway when I was pregnant with my first child I would wake at night
and cry my right hand hurt so bad.  Was told it was carpal tunnel and was
given a splint to wear at night.  Pain only lasted about a month or so.  With
second pregnancy had same problem but in both hands, and 2.5 years later still
hasn't gone away.  Mornings are horrible.  All of my finger tips are numb.  I
can't hardly peel potatoes, they hurt so bad.  The pain usually runs down into
my wrist, so I'm thinking it's probably carpal tunnell, but still the thought
of neuropathy comes to mind.  Go to the endo in a few weeks and going to talk
to her about it.  Anybody have any comments?

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and mother of two wonderful, beautiful, healthy boys(hey I'm their mama)
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