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Re: [IP] Pump and Surgery

I hav had 5 knee surgeries, some off the pump, and one on the pump. There are
2 things to watch out for. 1) Make sure you have someone on the surgical team
who actually knows what diabetes is. I had surgeons who didn't understand what
day 1 of diabetes is. They lost my insulin and couldn't figure out what a
blood glucose machine was. Check yourself often before and afterward. That
brings me to point number two. 2) Bring your target level up a little before
the surgery. Before I left to go to the hospital before my last surgery my bg
was 105, not bad. When I got to the hospital it was 104. Good. When they
started hooking me up, and getting my knee preped, it drooped to 29 and I
passed out, all of this due to being nervous and anxiety. Just be careful and
good luck, let me know if you have any knee questions, I know them all.

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