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Re: [IP] Accucheck

On  6 Apr 98 at 13:44, Becky Draper wrote:

> The cable and "user" software for the Accuchek is supposed to be
> available before the end of the year.  Currently there is a utility
> program for the Accuchek called Accutiltiy.  This allows you to
> customize events and stuff on the meter.  I believe it will also
> download all your readings into the computer.  Supposedly the Accutility
> software is for health care professionals only.  I was able to request a
> copy of the software and cable with the assistance of my CDE.  Haven't
> received it yet.  Will let you know what exactly it does once I get it.

I got my Complete last Saturday and have discovered something...
Without the Accutility software things like the event tagging and 
some other features don't quite work right - they've only been 
partially enabled.  I've been trying to get a copy of the software 
and so far have had no luck.  Without these options the meter is 
still nice - it's got some features that look really good, but you 
have to have it configured using the utility software to get all the 
bells and whistles activated.  As they are packaged they are useful 
but extremely limited...

> The method for using the Accuchek is similar to other metters.  Insert
> the strip, place a drop of blood on the strip.  The machine turns on
> automatically when a strip is instered.  Takes 40 seconds to get the
> result.  I like the meter because of the menu driven interface.

The interface is nice, and the backlighting is a good feature.  The 
graph is small but usable.  Now if I could just get in contact with 
that rep...  several voice mails but no person yet...

Randall Winchester

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