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[IP] Estimating insulin needs

Hi all,

I have a questions for the group.  I have now gotten my basals pretty well set, but I am still working on mastering this carb counting stuff.  I normally do really well, but the other day, we went out for mexican.  I calculated my carbs and took my insulin in a square wave to cover it. The square wave was only set for one hour, probably should have been for a longer time?  Anyway, a few hours after eating, my bg was 100!  I thought I had done so well, was really proud of myself! :)  Then, come bedtime, my bg is 222!  I took a 2.9 units to bring it down.  At midnight it was 208.  I thought it was just slow coming down and didn't take anymore insulin at that time.  At 3am I checked it again, it was back up to 222!  I again took my 2.9 units to cover and bring it down.  In the morning I was at 38!  Wow, I am a little lost in trying to figure how long that food could have stayed in my system affecting my bgs.  I had a chicken enchilada, chips and salsa, and corn cake (kind of like cornbread, but better, a Chichi's special). I figure I was way off on the amount of insulin I took, but would it really have been affecting my bgs that late?  We ate between 4 and 5 pm.  Any suggestions on how to calculate this type of food.  How long to spread out the square wave?  HELP!


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