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Re: [IP] Hip pain?

NSAIDS stand for Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories.  I took care of orthopedic
pts for 14 yrs before switching to Oncology.  Most of the symtoms I've heard
described her sounds like bursitis. (an inflamation of the bursa at the
joint).  I also have severe (at times) left hip pain caused by DJD
(degenerative joint disease).  It gets pretty common as we get older but I am
only 46.  Type 1 diabetics have an auto-immune disease so who is to say we
aren't prone to other common auto-immune diseases?
Judy P.
P.S.  When taking NSAIDS, please don't take aspirins.  They are both
considered blood thinners and taking both of these also can cause stomach
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