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Re: [IP] Hip pain?

This is weird! I have been having hip pain too when I move a certain way. I
went to the doctor yesterday and he said it might be bursitis and also
x-rayed me to make sure there was no stress fracture.
Is this a common condition of long-term diabetics?
The doctor gave me DAYPRO for the inflamation, anybody have experience with
this medication? What is adhesive capsullitis and what are NASIDS?

>I have the adhesive capsullitis and bilateral hip pain too. The ortho Dr
>told me the hip pain was bursitis and he thought it was diabetes related as
>well. I don't really understand how it is related, but the PT I went
>through for both didn't really make much difference.....I just don't move
>those joints in ways that cause pain and hope that it goes away! I also
>have retinopathy and kidney probs so avoid the NSAIDs as much as possible
>too.....hard to do today as I just had trigger finger repair done on my R
>thumb....this typing is difficult one-handed...Geez!
>Hope all our aches and pains leave soon!
>Take care,
>email @ redacted

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