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Re: [IP] 24" Soft Set QRs Being Discontinued?? & No Delivery Alarms

> I strongly suggest calling MiniMed re: the No Delivery alarms. It's
> possible that the alarm threshold may be too sensitive. I know of some
> users who experienced this with some of the MM507 pumps, but it was taken
> care of by MiniMed.

I had a mail-shot letter last week from the German subsidiary of Minimed
(I live in Germany). They said that many people were having No Delivery
alarms, usually caused by the plunger in the syringe sticking slightly.
They now recommend that you draw the plunger in and out several times
before filling the syringe. There is a lubricant inside there, and this
makes sure it is spread around properly. Make sure you push the pumger
right in, and twist it slightly as well.

Possibly Minimed have changed their manufacturing technique, and this
has caused this new problem.

Hope this helps.


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