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[IP] Re:Respect

>Go with what you believe can work. If you get advice counter to what you
>believe and follow it, YOU pay the price, NOT your advisors.
>> It's hard enough to fight this disease on daily basis w/o having to
>> fight with caretakers on top of it.
>Don't fight, just let them think you agree with them, go do it your own
>and ONLY present them with successful results. That's how real knowledge is
>Ted Quick,
    I respect you completely but this is exactly why some of these
hammerheads have the ego now that some of them have. Me, if I can't get a
doc that won't help me. .  . . . do what is to my advantage, I just find
another that will. It is not hard even in a one horse town.
    You have to let them know their way didn't work. If you can make them
think it is their idea. . .  .this will most of the time work. I have had
good luck with that strategy.

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