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Re: [IP] Scooter knows garters


I am secure in my masculinity to say, IT'S MY ALTER EGO THAT WEARS THE THIGH
THING! That is right, a split personality, I myself personally do not remember
wearing the thigh thing, but my wife says my alter ego GEORGINA wears it!!!!
Actualy My legs are not all that huge, so the thigh thing stretches enough to
still be comfortable to wear with shorts. I used to be a groundskeeper on golf
courses for 5 years, so by wearing the thigh thing it kept the pump out of
direct sunlight all day that would happen by wearing it on my belt. I ordered
a new one recently because the old one is getting stretched out (I think it is
the buling muscle gain that has spontaniously occurred), that is how I found
the thigh thing comes with a garter strap and I do believe it also has a small
piece of velcro at the top to keep the pump from working it's way out of the
pocket on the thigh thing.

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