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Re: [IP] Snacks w/o bolusing

Becky Draper wrote:
> Hi John-
> Thanks for the words of encouragement.  It means a lot.  Although I have
> had diabetes for 21 years, starting with a pump is like starting all
> over again.  Of course, I thought the best place to turn for guidance
> were the professionals, my endo, my CDE, etc....
> Unfortunately, I found out they don't always have the answers.  Doing
> something different with my pump therapy that contradicts their advice
> is still a struggle for me.  It's like you can't believe that they could
> possibly be wrong.  They're supposed to be the experts right? 

OK, Becky, that's what most people think. Some years ago (25 or so I think
it was) I relized that I'M the one who knows hoow totreat MY diabetes, and the
doctors, nurses and other health team members are my advisors. As with 
advisors anywhere, they MAY be wrong, and often are, so I make up my own
mind, decide what to try, try it and if it doesn't work I try something
else. My diabetic life has been a 42 year long experiment(s), and I must 
be doing SOMETHING right. I DO get tired of training a new endo every 
time I move though....<Grin>

 It leaves
> me lots of confusion and doubts.  I'm still struggling here, but I think
> the decision I made about my profiles were sound.

Go with what you believe can work. If you get advice counter to what you
believe and follow it, YOU pay the price, NOT your advisors.

> It's hard enough to fight this disease on daily basis w/o having to
> fight with caretakers on top of it.

Don't fight, just let them think you agree with them, go do it your own way, 
and ONLY present them with successful results. That's how real knowledge is 

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/