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Re: [IP] Hip pain?

I have the adhesive capsullitis and bilateral hip pain too. The ortho Dr
told me the hip pain was bursitis and he thought it was diabetes related as
well. I don't really understand how it is related, but the PT I went
through for both didn't really make much difference.....I just don't move
those joints in ways that cause pain and hope that it goes away! I also
have retinopathy and kidney probs so avoid the NSAIDs as much as possible
too.....hard to do today as I just had trigger finger repair done on my R
thumb....this typing is difficult one-handed...Geez!
Hope all our aches and pains leave soon!
Take care,
email @ redacted

> From: Dan Oliver <email @ redacted>
> To: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] Hip pain?
> Date: Tuesday, April 07, 1998 6:38 PM
> At 18:54 4/7/98 EDT, Sara wrote:
> [snip]
> >Since the ONLY thing that helps my hip pain (which sounds like adhesive
> >capsalitis - can it happen in the hip???) is Orudis, I only use it very
> >sparingly, like when the pain is keeping me awake or when it is so bad I
> >practically crying.
> >Sara
> Darned if I haven't been having similar trouble with my right hip in the
> last several weeks...thought I was crazy, but it feels just like the
> signs of adhesive capsulitis.
> Does anyone know if you can get adhesions in the _hip_ capsule?  If so,
> there a 'manipulation' procedure available similar to the one used for
> frozen shoulders?
> DanO
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