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[IP] 24" Soft Set QRs Being Discontinued?? & No Delivery Alarms

I prefer the shorter tubing and today when I called to see why the DME
supplier sent the 42" tubing (when I specifically requeted the 24" tubing) was
told that MiniMed has decided to discontinue the 24" tubing for the QRs.  Has
anyone else heard this?  I've been having a lot of problems with No Delivery
Alarm.  I'm not sure why the alarm is going off, as I will then do a small
bolus to test it and everything works fine.  This is happening sometimes as
many as 3-4 times a day.  I've cleaned the lead screw, so that is not the
problem.  I'm thinking this may be the time to try a different infusion set,
but I really like using the SoftSerter.  Any ideas would be appreciated.  If I
do change sets, I want one that has some type of quick release.  Thanks in

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