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Re: [IP] Re: shoulder pain

At 12:48 4/7/98 -0500, Buddy wrote:
>    Hey Dan, there is no question that I have it in both shoulders and
>motion is now limited to 90 degrees from arms at side. Getting to where I
>can hardly put a shirt on and get it off! Much sleep loss. How much PT did
>you have to go through after the "manhandling in your sleep"? That is what I
>am looking at.
>Buddy '-)   email @ redacted

Actually I didn't have to go for 'official' PT afterwards.  I did several
exercises at home for a couple of weeks, and then gradually started to
forget to do it at all.

The exercise that seems to help the most requires a small pulley mounted
about 3 feet over your head.  You run a short length of rope through it,
grab the ends of the rope in either hand, and use one hand to pull the other
one up (while it is relaxed) repeatedly.  You start by standing so the
pulley is slightly in front of you, do several reps, then you stand
underneath it, more reps, and then stand with the pulley slightly behind you
(these reps are the hardest).

I hooked one up to an overhead beam in my garage, and got a few interesting
comments from one of my neighbors when he noticed it (nudge nudge, wink wink).


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