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Re: [IP] Snacks w/o bolusing

In a message dated 98-04-07 10:00:43 EDT, you write:

<< I've got an idea: is it permissible for us to name specialists who have
 given stupid pump advice? We could create a "name and shame" list for
 everyone to see. Doctors would of course be informed why they were on
 the list, and they would be given the chance to justify their advice. I
 suspect most wouldn't attempt to, but they might just pull themselves
 into line with current "best medical practice" ie read John Walsh's
 book. >>

I'd love to add a few names to your list!!! The problem is a publicized list
would have to be backed up with documented screw ups, which could be difficult
to do, seeing as doctors are very good at playing the paperwork game.
Anything short of written documentation could open the "listmaker" up for a
very nasty slander suit.

A better idea(hey, it just worked for us!!) shop around for dr.'s who know
what they're doing and change dr's if your needs and attitudes change and
theirs don't. You are employing them to take care of your health and if they
can't do the job, FIRE"EM!! If they lose enough of their practice(that term
has always made me wonder ) they'll eventually change or go out of business...

BTW, this new endo now has us back on track..our son will be pumping this
summer(and NOT at Joslin)

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