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[IP] Re: shoulder pain

>Manipulation under anaesthesia is exactly what it sounds like: they put you
>out, and then move your shoulder around through its full range, popping all
>the adhesions loose.  When you wake up, you have your arm in a sling for
>days, and then you do some more physical therapy.  What a difference!  I
>this done over 2 years ago, and I still don't have any trouble sleeping.  I
>still have the occasional twinge, but nothing like it was before.
>Here's how you can test your shoulder to see if you have adhesive
>Lay on the floor with your arms straight down.  Bring your arm straight up
>in an arc and try to extend it over your head so that your hand touches the
>If you can't make it to the floor, that's adhesive capsulitis.
>I'd recommend getting referred to an orthopedist, who'll probably try
>physical therapy and analgesics (like Naproxen) first.  If that doesn't
>out, and you're really having trouble (especially sleeping), I'd suggest
>trying 'manipulation under anaesthesia'.  My orthopedist says that it isn't
>a cure-all, and sometimes the problem will come back over time, but it sure
>beats surgery (they remove part of the bone and some of the tendon(?), and
>you end up permanently with less overall mobility).
>If you have any other questions, just ask.
    Hey Dan, there is no question that I have it in both shoulders and
motion is now limited to 90 degrees from arms at side. Getting to where I
can hardly put a shirt on and get it off! Much sleep loss. How much PT did
you have to go through after the "manhandling in your sleep"? That is what I
am looking at.


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