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Re: [IP] refrigerating insulin

Thanks Sara!

This will be a pretty low budget trip so probably like yours.


URTAsef wrote:

> Ruth:
> I don't know about Humalog cuz for A) I dont use it at all and for B) I have
> heard such horror stories on this list of it going bad so quickly.  You are
> right about there not being much air conditioning in Ireland, though I tended
> to stay in far cheaper places than you and your husband, I will assume.
> Places like castles and museums definitely are NOT, neither is Blarney Castle
> or the Guiness Factory.  I wouldn't worry if you were using Velosulin, as long
> as you don't leave it out in your parked car for a couple of hours.  Always
> keep it with you unless you can leave it in your hotel room.  I don't remember
> ever being HOT in Ireland and I was there in July...but I was wearing shorts
> so it couldn't have been too cool.
> My first trip to Europe (1981), I carred a big old thermos that I had to beg
> for ice every morning.  Now, I have one of those fairly flt insulated bags -
> inone side goes a frozen "ice" pack (not really ice - it is osmechemical) and
> in the other side you could slide your insulin.  Surely you will be staying in
> a place where you can refreeze the ice pack every night or perhaps you will be
> staying in B&Bs and the host may not mind if you use his refrigerator (just
> keep it in a bag or something so he doesn't freak and think you are some kind
> of American drug dealer.  Also do NOT leave any syringes or site insertion
> stuff laying around in room garbage cans.  Take it with you when you leave and
> dispose of it where someone one won't find it and have you arrested - NOT
> speaking from experience)
> One last hint, if you kiss the Blarney stone, make sure your pump is well
> attached with the clip, you literally lay down with your head and shoulders
> hanging over the edge of the castle wall , 200 feet in the air, and a guide
> will help you slide down far enough to kiss it (if you dare - there are some
> nasty rumors regarding the actions of misguided youths with too much time on
> theri hands)
> Have fun
> Sara
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Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/