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Re: [IP] Snacks w/o bolusing

Becky, well done! Sounds like you're in control.

It's shocking isn't it, and very dangerous, that these "specialists"
don't know what they're doing, but pretend they do. The whole point of
pump therapy is that when your basals are correctly set, you dont't need
to snack, except to correct a low.

If a window-cleaner came to clean your windows, but wiped mud all over
them instead, you wouldn't pay him. But I bet your doctors are being
paid hansomely for the "advice" they're giving you.

I've got an idea: is it permissible for us to name specialists who have
given stupid pump advice? We could create a "name and shame" list for
everyone to see. Doctors would of course be informed why they were on
the list, and they would be given the chance to justify their advice. I
suspect most wouldn't attempt to, but they might just pull themselves
into line with current "best medical practice" ie read John Walsh's

Best wishes for your continued success!


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