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Re: [IP] "The Dress Dilemma"

I generally wear one piece dresses.  I find it fairly easy to hide it
flat lying between my breasts in my bra.  I use a baby sock to keep from
sweating on it.  My boyfriend finds the sock "sooo cute".  The other
option if the dress is particularly tight through the bust, but loose
through the skirt is to strap it to your thigh using a garter or
something similar.  I made a thigh strap out of neopyrene (wetsuit and
joint brace material) it won't slide down like most materials, but has
enough give to be comfortable.


Betty J Pegram wrote:
> Now here's a minor problem but a major frustration:
> How do you wear a one-piece dress w/o having an
> unexplainable "bump" underneath?  You can laugh--I
> know it's funny, but I've been wearing 2-peice
> dresses, and button-fronts w/belts for many years,
> and if there's a simple answer, it could bring me
> some shred of joy!
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