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[IP] Passover and drinking four cups

     With G-ds help, I have been able to drink four cups of wine at the 
     seder for the last twenty years.  The trick is adjusting the pump and 
     bolus amounts to account for the wine, and choosing the wine you drink 
     Wine of choice (IMHO) is Kesser Eminent Dry, which is 6% alchohol 
     (lowest of 'em all) has no added chemicals and has pretty low sugar, 
     but still tastes like yom tov wine (just not sweet: is actually kind 
     of nice: i like it for kiddush during the year)
     Motzah: Hand made motzah is either 100% whole wheat or 50/50 whole 
     wheat/white, although the grinding of Shmurah flour leaves a white 
     which is closer to whole wheat then standard white flour.
     Insulin should be over time (since this is SLOW breakdown stuff).
     Food at seder: I recommend light with lots of  veggies to help with 
                        digesting motzah.
     any questions/comments or whatever are probably better off-line but 
     I'll try to track until Thursday (when I'm in final Pesach 
     cleaning/setup hours).

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