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[IP] H stability

I first recognized the lesser stability of H after I received my first
mail order.  My first vial had come from my endo prior to H's
availability at retail.  CFI, the company which serves as mail order
pharmacy for my health insurance, had sent my H UPS, ground.  On a hot
summer day, the insulin was delivered in a big brown truck, left to sit
on my porch, and was "rescued" by my husband as he came home from work.
A few hours later when I unpacked the box, the insulin was still warm to
the touch.

As the amount of insulin decreased in the vial and the period of time
the vial I was using approached four weeks, I experienced significantly
raised BG.  I started a "fresh" vial from the fridge and BG improved.

Phone call to CFI, phone call to Lily, frustration, frustration,
frustration.  Net result was my insulin was shipped priority mail upon
next order.

Cooler weather and a change to an insulin pen with a smaller capacity
vial subdued my distress with Lily.  Although I discovered that H was
delivered by Lily to any supplier in a REFRIGERATED truck, they refused
to issue even quidelines for shipment by supplier to consumer.

The discussion re refrigeration of H and the mention of an e-mail
address for Lily prompted me to once more contact Lily as well as CFI.
I GOT A RETURN CALL FROM LILY!  Of course I also received renewed
frustration.  This time I was told that charts and graphs which would be
too complex for me to understand would be sent to CFI upon CFI's
request.  Of course I coerced CFI into such a request.  CFI left a
message for me that they had complied and were to receive said charts,
etc.  Also claimed they would call me when such had been received.  ok -
you have once more reminded me of my mission - tomorrow I will once more
jump upon my soap box.  By the way, I silenced the Lily woman by telling
her that I was sure my MD daughter and I, a math teacher, could deciper
her c and g's.

I believe the implication is that there are several factors which affect

Ruth Kapo
Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/