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[IP] UnUsed Insulin

Although this is a good estimate, I have a better one.  I have integrated
the insulin curves in the Humalog Lilley package inserts and therefore have
a better estimate of the amount of unused insulin.  My curves work better
for me, YMMV.   As an example of the difference, rather than being
"through" after 2 1/2 hours, the curves suggest 30% left.  This can be
significant if you've eaten a large meal (for instance 10 U bolus) and are
already at 100 mg/dL...I go and start to eat to cover the remaining 3 units
that have yet to enter my system.  A summary of the curves for both H and R
are (Time is from injection and the percentages are that of the original
injection remaining "unused"):

Time      H         R
30	94.5%	98.9%	
60	76.9%	92.6%	
90	57.9%	83.5%	
120	41.4%	72.7%	
150	29.6%	61.6%	
180	21.2%	50.5%	
210	15.6%	40.3%	
240	11.1%	31.6%	
270	7.6%	24.3%	
300	5.2%	18.5%	
330		13.7%	
360		9.6%	
390		6.5%	
420		4.1%	

If anyone want the full-blown spreadsheet, email me privately.


<<The 'unused insulin rule'

For low blood sugars, make the following assumptions.

Regular insulin takes 5 hours to use up
Humalog takes 2 1/2 hours to use up.


you bolus 5 units or REGULAR for a meal.
4 hours later you discover you are 50

5 units 5 hours = 1 unit used per hour
you have an hour to go, therefor there is still 


assuming 1 unit moves you 50 points (most adults)
you will get 50 units lower.  Better eat a piece of white toast well 
chewed or take some extra glucose.>>

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