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[IP] Which pump


The choice of which pump is VERY individual.  Both are good products and
have their champions.  Nar I say that some hold pump choice in the same
arena as religion and/or politics.

I personally felt that the Disetronic was better for me.  It felt better in
my hand.  There were also several differences between the pumps that made
it a better choice for me; most notably, it is waterproof.  I also felt
that it looked more rugged.  (The door covering the insulin cartridge
looked like a possible place for a failure.)  

You need to look at your daughter's lifestyle and decide which will best
fit it.  Once you do that you should be happy with your decision.  Also
make sure that you talk with reps from both companies; they will happily
show you their product (and tell you how much better it is than the other
guy's).  It will give you a better feel than simply pictures, videos and
advertising stuff.

Finally, look at all infusion sets.  They are interchangable and also have
several differences.  Here, more than with the pumps, you can experiment
with some of each and find the best match.

Good luck,
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