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[IP] Snacks w/o bolusing

I too have been scheduled with snacks in my diet.  I have been on the
pump for 1 month now and finally have my basal rates worked out so I
don't need the snacks.

This contradicts what the "specialists" have told me to do.  I
especially questioned the bedtime snack w/o a bolus.  I didn't want to
eat that late AND bolus, plus I didn't want to eat that late at night
and NOT bolus and have my bg rise through out the night due to a bedtime
snack.  Kind of a catch 22.

My dietitian did not have me bolusing for the mid-afternoon snacks
either. hmmmmmm.

Anyway my control pre-pump was pretty good.  A combo of NPH and 4 shots
of Humolog.  Since I've been on the pump, my control has improved even
more.  So much so, that I've gained 9 lbs in 4 short weeks!  That's
it!!  I cut out the snacks w/o my dietitian's permission.  She and the
endo had a fit the last time I was in to see them when I expressed my
joy with my meal time flexibility.  They think I still need to eat
exactly at certain times AND include my snacks.  BTW, at my 2 week pump
check up, the endo changed my basal rates to what she thought they
should be and I had 6 hypos in 2 days.  I sent her an email and said NO
MORE!!!  I switched back to the profiles that I (lots of emphasis on the
I here), think is working for me.  Since I switched back to the basal
rates that work for me and made a few adjustments, I have had no lows
and no bg's over 140.  I credit this success to John Walsh's Pumping
Insulin book.  I used to think my endo clinic was pretty good, but now
I'm not so sure.  They are still treating me as if I were using multiple
injection therapy, and not using a pump.

I'm re-reading John Walsh's pumping insulin book again and studying it
like I'm taking a final exam.  I'm gonna need some ammo to back myself
up the next time I go in for a checkup at the endo's office, cause I
know they are gonna scream at my independence.  

I respect medical professionals very much, but I decided it was time to
do what was right for me.  I WANT this pump to work for me in the worst
way.  And it is so far thanks to my pumper's book and the information I
have been getting from this group.

Becky D.

Betty J Pegram wrote:
> <The snack at night idea might work if your pump
> doses were
> mistakenly set  (basal rate perhaps) for a night meal
> you haven't been eating.
> If your basal rates are set right, the extra snack
> will make your BG sky rocket
> unless you bolus.  IF you have good bolus
> caluculations and skills than its fine
> to eat a snack, but if they are less than good, I
> think it would be much much
> safer to eat snacks when you are awake to blood test
> and make sure the insulin
> and food matched.   If you keep adjusting your
> insulin by adding more food you
> will quickly gain lots of weight and this could cause
> you to need to further
> adjust your doses for your added body mass.>
> Ruth, Upon further questioning of my CDE he WAS
> basing my basal rates on the ASSUMPTION of 3
> (unbolused) snacks per day, and said if I continued
> to have inconsistent fasting BG's we would lower the
> 3 a.m. basal. (His Professional Education has been
> that there is rarely need for more than 3 basal
> rates. Therefore, I have 3 p.m.--.5, 9p.m.--.6, and 3
> a.m.--.6, which is subject to change...) No wonder he
> wanted me to eat something at bedtime and not bolus!
> I think he's still using the instructions for people
> who inject, and I now have 7 extra pounds to show for
> it! Back to the drawing board...Thanks!
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