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Re: [IP] Velosulin/Humalog

In a message dated 98-04-06 12:02:39 EDT, you write:

<<  We live in sunny, sweaty Savannah, GA and it's HOOOOOT from
 >> April - October.  Does this mean we shouldn't use Humalog in her pump?
 >> Remember, she's 5 and spends most of the day outside.
 >It holds up for about 2 days in worse conditions than youn have. I found
 >mine broke down in 3+ days, but I was handling molds and parts that were
 >a good deal warmer than that, and may have spiked it as a result.
 >When I went to a 2 day refill schedule it settled down.
 >Ted Quick
 I live in Phoenix, and found the same thing.  A 2-day refill schedule works
 pretty well.  I only change the set every 4 days, however.
 DanO >>

What about humidity?  Phoenix is hot, but not humid.  I wonder if heat and
humidity combined might make a difference.  Since the humidity makes it feel
much hotter, does it make the Humalog hotter, too?  

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