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Re: [IP] Warm Waters


> My Pet Peeve-  I find the shortest tubing that Diestronic's makes is about
>  or more long - I wear my pump close to my waistline with my infusion sets
>  maybe 4" away -- even with 6-8" lead of tubing -- I have tubing coming up 
> over
>  and around everything, which I end up coiling and taping etc.  I figure the
>  rest of you must keep your pumps in your socks or something and need all 
> that
>  extra tubing.  Anybody else wish they made shorter tubing sets?

I use the 23" stuff and it is fine.  Without going into too much detail here,
if you clip your pump to your pants waistband, you need that much length when
you go to the bathroom!  

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