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Re: [IP] glucose powder?

At 10:39 4/6/98 -0700, Michelle wrote:
>Yeah...i like the dex 4 tabs and i used to get a jug but they stopped
>getting the grape and raspberry flavor...the lemon and orange taste like
>amourall  or air freshener to me...bleck....can we revolt...we want our
>grape flavor back in jugs....ps...i like the fedco brand a little
>better...for a while before i went on the pump i od on glucose tabs and
>can barely stomach them...michelle piper at email @ redacted

There's no real need to.  There are several candies made from glucose
(dextrose) and a little artificial flavor/color that are pretty tasty.

Three that I've found in grocery stores here in Phoenix are SweeTarts,
Smarties, and something from Brach's that I can't remember the clever name
of.  They come in small cellophane rolls, 5 or 6 grams of glucose per roll.

You may find these a bit more palatable (and less expensive) than some of
the Armourall/Raid flavored glucose tabs.


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