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[IP] Warm Waters

Hot baths. Hot tubs.  Hot dog!  Never had any trouble with hot water and BG
problems.  I check my BG and never stay in longer that about 20-30 minutes.

Thanks to everyone who posted on those low down, chillin to the bone, midnight
venture blues!  I thought I was in a class by myself- have never run into any
diabetics in 33 years that had that experience.  And have no idea why that
happens - you have any thots on this Barbara?  Sounds vaguely epinephronish to

And Ruth- I have traveled some too with unrefridgerated insulins and in 30
some years of doing so, have only had one instance in which if MIGHT have had
some loss of potency. And that incident was at home. ( When I was backpacking
thru the Guatemalan jungle {where it is yes very warm and steamy} I had no
problems at all.Ditto for Spain, France etc.   -even Death Valley!)  Just
remember that insulin is a protein (among other things) and if it gets too hot
the heat denatures it  - i.e. cooks it - which makes it a different substance.
If you want to see what it looks like when it's over heated, take the smidgen
left in the bottle, and drop the whole thing in boiling water.  Instant
education.  Not to worry.  Just 
avoid exposing it to direct sunlight.  I

My Pet Peeve-  I find the shortest tubing that Diestronic's makes is about 24"
or more long - I wear my pump close to my waistline with my infusion sets
maybe 4" away -- even with 6-8" lead of tubing -- I have tubing coming up over
and around everything, which I end up coiling and taping etc.  I figure the
rest of you must keep your pumps in your socks or something and need all that
extra tubing.  Anybody else wish they made shorter tubing sets?

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