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[IP] Bolusing at Night

<The snack at night idea might work if your pump
doses were
mistakenly set  (basal rate perhaps) for a night meal
you haven't been eating.
If your basal rates are set right, the extra snack
will make your BG sky rocket
unless you bolus.  IF you have good bolus
caluculations and skills than its fine
to eat a snack, but if they are less than good, I
think it would be much much
safer to eat snacks when you are awake to blood test
and make sure the insulin
and food matched.   If you keep adjusting your
insulin by adding more food you
will quickly gain lots of weight and this could cause
you to need to further
adjust your doses for your added body mass.>

Ruth, Upon further questioning of my CDE he WAS
basing my basal rates on the ASSUMPTION of 3
(unbolused) snacks per day, and said if I continued
to have inconsistent fasting BG's we would lower the
3 a.m. basal. (His Professional Education has been
that there is rarely need for more than 3 basal
rates. Therefore, I have 3 p.m.--.5, 9p.m.--.6, and 3
a.m.--.6, which is subject to change...) No wonder he
wanted me to eat something at bedtime and not bolus!
I think he's still using the instructions for people
who inject, and I now have 7 extra pounds to show for
it! Back to the drawing board...Thanks!

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