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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #203

At 19:05 4/4/98 EST, Deminkspot wrote:
>Deminkspot here with the Lighter Side of Diabetic Lawlessness ,  A free roll
>of Sweethearts for the best answer to the following question-
>What did the Diabetic say to the police officer who pulled her over for
>weaving in and out of traffic ?

I can't think of a damn thing (pardon my English) that would be humorous in
answer to this question.

Diabetes and driving is a sore subject, and there just isn't anything funny
about it.  There's been too much noise made for too many years about getting
'dangerous diabetics' off the road, and we responsible ones will be the ones
made to suffer for it when it finally occurs.

Sorry to vent, but the thought of my license being revoked because of my
disease makes me really hot under the collar...


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