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Re: [IP] glucose powder?/etc.

At 20:05 4/3/98 +0000, Michael wrote:
>If you haven't tried them, get some DEX 4 tablets. They are tasty and 
>come in 4 flavors Grape, Lemon, Orange, Rasberry. 
>4 grams of glucose / tablet and the come in 10's and 50's
>and are about the size of a quarter (thicker)
>A lot of the mail-order houses have them and they run an ad in 
>Diabetes Forecast Magazine
>Woolworth and Longs have them labeled with their house brand name.

Dex4's are pretty tasty, but I find that I like SweeTarts just as well, and
they're substantially cheaper.  3 of the small rolls pack 15g of glucose.

Smarties are about the same, but don't taste as good IMO.


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