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Re: [IP] Reply --thanks, Ruth --Gastroparesis challenges

I forgot to say that I am taking Propulsid at the max dosage.  I too eat some fat.  It's probably psychological, but if I eat a few nuts (which I love) I don't seem to have problems with that fat (8 or 10 peanuts for ex).  I also eat lots of veggies and complex carbs.  Others laugh at me because we eat so many weird grains, but my kids will have tried more foods by the age of 5 than most will by the time they die.  I eat meat once a day (except weekends, when I sometimes eat a small portion at lunch too) at supper -- usually about 4 ounces, sometimes a bit less, but not more.  All in all, it sounds as tho we use similar plans.  Unfortunately, mine is not working right now.  I think maybe I need some advice on changing my insulin (dosing) schedule.  I manually downloaded my Complete again last night and am going to take it to my endo today.  If I can avoid the nurses (the CDE who doesn't like talking to someone who already knows a little about her disease, and her buddy, my docs main nurse), my endo has been quite helpful.
Take care,
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Date: April 05, 1998 07:35 PM
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I've never found anyone terribly helpful on gastroparesis although my access to good medical care has been uneven and when I first had terrible problems in 1989 or so doctors seemed pretty uninformed or it had not yet been much established or discussed.

I've never found any of the prescribed courses for living with gastroparesis to work more than one or two meals out of ten and my doctor did confirm that few of the things that are supposed to work actually work well as a system for most people.  I think most of us experiment and find ways to combine ideas.  I should emphasize that these ideas don't always work either so see what works for you.  I usually find I have to give things a whole week to figure out how they are going.

-Less fat of course but if I eat absolutely no fat, I find that even an apple starts to get slower and slower.

-Some but not much protein.  For instance your skim milk is half protein which seems to slow things down.

-Lots of vegetables and complex carbs -- i.e. rice, potatoes, veggie pasta (no fat) work great after about 2 weeks which seems to what my body needs to adjust.  Medium small portions seem to work best.  When I do lots of this, eat either one small portion of protein 1-2 times a day or one med-big portion every 2-4 days and if I walk a reasonable amount things seem to improve drastically and stay that way for much longer  blocks of time.

The last by the way is NOT what many healthcare profs will tell you to do and some will be scandalized.  I haven't been able to figure out why the last item works so much better than anything else but I have a few hypotheses:

    When I eat only simple carbs and protein my body's ability to handle more complex foods tends to deteriorate rapidly (as does my kidney function).  This could be something similar to what happens when you stop eating meat for a substantial period of time -- i.e. the enzymes needed to digest the meat are not as readily accessible when you first eat some again.

    Protein is just slow to digest.  You need some.  But if its taking days to get through my system, I think the additional protein slows things down even more -- kind of like sending more stuff down a partially clogged drain.

    The veggies and complex carbs are far healthier than most of what diabetics are told to eat.  They taste good and are easy to prepare in attractive ways and they contain lots of vitamins and nutrients.  Maybe all those extra nutrients just make me feel better?

Best of lucj!  Hope things get better!


LBE FSD wrote:

  I'm having huge challenges with the gastroparesis again this week.  Lunch works ok -- because I just drink my skim milk.  Solids are another story (even tho I'm not coming anywhere close to fat).  I had been using a square wave with a 30 minute duration for breakfast, and bolusing 1/2 and using a square wave with a 1 hour duration at night. Now I'm up to 1 hour for breakfast and 11/2 hours (all square wave) for supper.  From 11/2 to 2 hours after a meal I'm down to my magic number -- 46 today anyway.  Earlier this week I was just beginning the downward spiral at 2 hours postprandial - the type of spiral that feels horrible and that glucose doesn't cure.  Suggestions please.  I called my endo on Wednesday, actually about the highs that result about 6 hours after the lows go away.  Unfortunately, I got put to the CDE that doesn't like data, just her cookbook.  Her cookbook for me says EAT.  I called the endo again yesterday, he was out at a remote clinic and didn't call back today.  Frustration abounds --Loridx '71, MM507 only 21/2 months ago -- shouldn't they still be helping?

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