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Re: [IP] Humalog

In a message dated 98-04-05 21:00:10 EDT, you write:

<< Michael can probably give us a better answer but I also noticed my insulin
 requirements are less with humalog.  My husband and I have speculated on
 this and he thinks that it is probably b/c in the course of spreading the

Our endo told us that Kayla's insulin requirements would drop by as much as
20% when she started pumping.  He said part of the reason was because we
wouldn't have the spiking that we have now with uneven deliveries caused by
traditional injections, and the resultant rebounds that we fight with more
insulin.  He didn't say what the rest of the reason was.  She's only on a
total of 15 units a day as it is.  Crazy that such a small amount of insulin
is the difference between life and death...

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