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Re: [IP] refrigerating insulin

Sara or anyone with a pump,

My husband and I are going travelling in Ireland and Wales for 4 weeks
(May/June).  I have recently started using Humalog.  Can I count on the humalog to
last that time?  How carefully do I need to refridgerate it?  I don't think either
Ireland or Wales gets that hot but I also don't think they have much air

Thanks for the suggestions!


URTAsef wrote:

> I differ on the insulin refrigeration question, but of couse YMMV:
> I use Velosulin regular insulin straight up and I have been told by "real"
> doctors and CDEs - not just a few unreliable quacks, that it is ok to leave it
> unrefrigerated for about a month, which is about how long one bottle lasts me.
> As long as you keep it out of direct sunlight or dont leave it in a car it
> should be ok
> having traveled throughout Europe and across this country and never having had
> a problem with insulin losing potency, I would have to say that at least for
> me,  and for periods of 6 weeks or less, refrigeration is not necessary,- and
> I did alot of driving last summer.  I was literally homeless and toted myself,
> my belongings and 6 bottles of insulin from Texas to Florida, and back, then
> to Colorado and back, and the whole way my insulin at in the back seat and I
> experienced no problems.
> Last May I took 3 bottles to France to last the 6 weeks I was gonna be there
> (a just in case bottle that i didn't need), both bottles I used never had any
> problems despite being kept in my backpack for most of the time.
> OF COUSE, I have other bottles in reserve, which I keep in the refrigerator
> until I need them.
> Incidentally, I also noticed a difference in the pain level when I used to
> inject insulin - when it was refrigerted it hurt more than when it was room
> temperature.
> Sara
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Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/