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Re: [IP] To H or not to H


Since it sounds like you have set shots rather than to caluculate during the
day again and again, I'm not sure either one is actually harder.  You just have
to know the duraction curve of the insulin (the easy part) and be able to keep
caluculating that in as you make decisions all day.  I've done both  --
velosulin on the minimed pump for 17 years and humalog for 4 months and a
mixture for three months.  (I guess that's 3 -- isn't it? oops).  The harder
part about velosulin is that when I've run high or have inserted a bad needle
it can take 2-3 hours to address and anywhere from 2-12 hours to get back on
track.  Sometimes that runs into night time -- you can see that it just takes a
while to work out and get back under control.  Humalog adjusts quickly, you
need less insulin but lows also don't last as long.  I found the sites and lack
of stability annoying and tiring (especially because I have long work days
without much time or space to do my own things).  I like the mix -- recommended
here b/c it seems to give me the best of both worlds -- I can keep my more
reliable sets in as long as 4 days and I can correct a high rapidly.

Good luck!  Hope that helps.


Sam Skopp wrote:

> When I talked to my endo about getting a pump, we talked briefly about
> using Regular or Humalog. He said that, while Humalog was not officially
> sanctioned, he knew that a number of people were using it. He sort of left
> the decision up to me. My gut reaction was to go with the "tried & true"
> Regular until I got used to the pump. However, after thinking about it I
> was wondering whether it might be better to start out with Humalog (or some
> combination). Any recommendations?
> Just so that you'll know what I'm doing now... on a normal insulin regimen,
> my BG's swing rapidly from high to low (or vice-versa). I take NPH twice a
> day (32 units total)and Regular on a sliding scale twice a day too (14-22+
> units total). I also use Humalog as a supplement when I have very high BGs.
> However, I'm usually quite high after meals... but taking more pre-meal
> Regular seems to just ensure lows before the next meal (depending on what
> my NPH decides to do by that time).
> Thanks.
> Sam
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Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/