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Re: [IP] which pump?


The minimed also delivers insulin in .1 increments.


bsale wrote:

> Nita, although our endo recommended Mini-med for Stephanie, we ended up
> going with the Disetronic for several reasons. Not in any particular
> order...1. the MM rep for our area was VERY slow to return calls, and was
> not the least bit interested in whether or not I would be able to convince
> our endo that pump therapy was the way to go (It was like he assumed we'd
> never get approval for an 8.5 yo). 2. The Disetronic is waterproof, and for
> showers, swimming, etc., it made a big difference for us...Steph says the
> teflon cannula infusion sets (she tried 4-5 different kinds before we ever
> ordered a pump) are too uncomfortable, we use rapids which do not come in
> quick release, yet, so waterproofness was an issue for us. 3) Disetronics
> can have both basal and bolus rates adjusted in .1 unit increments...the
> mini-med rep would never return my call to let me know if the MM had this
> capability...Steph ways 65 pounds, and being able to adjust in tenth unit
> increments makes a big difference in her control. 4)Two pumps! Steph was so
> sure she would like and be successful with the pump she said she would never
> want to go back to injections...with the back-up pump there's less
> likelihood of having to be without a pump for several days.
> I've only heard good things about both pumps, and feel sure you'll be happy
> with either. Somebody on this list suggested that we get our hands on one of
> each brand simultaneously for comparison purposes, to see which Steph liked
> better, and I have to admit, she too was wowed by the  MM colors, but
> realized once it's in its case no one can see it anyway!
> Good luck with deciding!
> Betsy
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> From: Nita <email @ redacted>
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> Date: Friday, April 03, 1998 4:05 PM
> Subject: [IP] which pump?
> >Please help me listmates.  I am trying to decide which pump to get for
> >Jessica.  Any comments from both sides would be helpful in the decision.
> >At this point I am leaning toward the Minimed 507, but other kids out there
> >please speak up if I am wrong!!
> >
> >Nita
> >Mom of Jessica age 6, Type 1 for 5 years, Humalog and N...soon to be
> >pumping!!
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> >Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
> Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/

Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/