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Re: [IP] shivers

I am male, and I freeze my tush off when I get a real low sugar.  In fact,
half the time it is the freezing and trying to get warm that wakes me up
from a low sugar.

I never thought of taking a shower.  My low sugars are usually around 4-5
AM.  I just change clothes, cause my PJs are soaked with sweat, put on all
the clothes I can, and turn the electric blanket up high, after eating
something.  I usually stay home from work, cause I'm so wiped out.

Since I got the pump, I haven't had any bad low sugars like this.  My wife
is very grateful.

At 01:24 PM 3/31/98 -0800, Michelle Rands wrote:
>>It is interesting to me that so far only women have reported this
>>phenomenon...the 2 guys that have discussed it Barry and buddy have 
>>experienced it....michelle...
>>On Mon, 30 Mar 1998 22:09:21 -0800 Ruth Elowitz <email @ redacted>
>>>Better add me to your list!! And yes, the only thing that makes it 
>>>stop is the hot
>>>shower!!  EXACTLY!  I always thought it was only me.  It does feel a 
>>>hypothermic (who knows?) but I can't imagine how anyone will get it 
>>>you haven't
>>>had it happen.
>>>Susan Gordon wrote:
>>>> Janine/Diane - I have the same experiences with low bgs and being 
>>>> cold...as you said it IS internal!  Also, a long hot shower does 
>>>seem to help.
>>>>  It's kind of like the thirst that goes with high bgs -- you can't 
>>>> understand it unless you have experienced it!  Sue Gordon  
>>>email @ redacted
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