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Re: [IP] Humalog

Pete d'Artois wrote:

>Do those of you taking Humalog find you use more, less or the same
>amount of insulin after switching to Humalog?  I was taking about 22R
>and 19N daily before the pump.  Now I am taking 39-41 Humalog a day.  I
>am a bit concerned because my control was excellent pre pump and I am
>following the same diet and exercise routine post pump yet I am gaining
>a bit of weight.  Does this sound right?  Thanks.

Sounds fine to me. Everyone reacts differently to a change in insulin.
My daily dose dropped by 20% when I started on pump+Humalog, but I was
also eating less, and loosing weight (but with good control). 3 months
in, I'm still slowly shedding weight, 1/2 lb every week or two and I'm
not trying! Oh the joys of eating just because I'm hungry! Down from 190
lbs to 175 lbs, and feeling great!


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