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Re: [IP] infusion sights

>I have been pumping since March 16/98 and I love it.  I feel great and
>my bg's have levelled right out; very few highs which has always been my
>problem.  I am using Sof-Set QR's and switched to Humalog when I went on
>the pump.  I have noticed that when I pull out my infusion set I get a
>drop or two of blood/insulin and shortly after removal I get this lump
>that looks like a tiny volcano (complete with extremely small crater in
>it) where the canula was.  A day or so later I have a pea sized lump
>that is a bit sore but then goes away after a few days.  It heals ou in
>about a week which is good for me because I am a very slow healer.  I am
>up to 6 days on a set (twice in a row now) but I have had no swelling or
>pain and no redness other than that I get from the tape which I suspect
>doesn't like me.  Is this normal?  Any thoughts on this?
    One of the first tricks I learned from Michael was to leave the old set
in place for a few hours depending on which insulin you are using so that
you can absorb the insulin that is still in the set sight when you go to
change it. Since you use Humalog I would think another 2.5 hours will make
little difference anyway. I noticed when I started doing this I stopped
getting the minor highs that nearly always accompanied a set change.
    A word on the dressing problems. I was irritated a little from the
dressing that comes with the softsets, very minor but irritating, so I
started using Kendall's Polyskin II dressing and the irritations stopped and
the dressing will last through the 6th. day which I always get.
    The little crater under the softset is from the half sphere form where
they connect the cannula to the line. I only occasionally get the drop of
blood you described. I would guess this is caused from puncturing a small
vessel when you insert the set. The small bump under the skin sometimes
takes three days to heal and may be slightly sore. I notice these more when
the vessels are injured. I do at times place a bandaid with antibiotic
ointment on this to help the healing process. This is still a small price to
pay for all the many benefits I have enjoyed from my pump!
    If you ever try the Polyskin dressing you will laugh at the POS that
comes with the softsets. Ha  Send me your snail mail address and I will send
you a couple to try out.
    Hope this will help you out.

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