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Re: [IP] infusion sites

>I am using Sof-Set QR's and switched to Humalog when I went on
>the pump.  I have noticed that when I pull out my infusion set I get a
>drop or two of blood/insulin and shortly after removal I get this lump
>that looks like a tiny volcano (complete with extremely small crater in
>it) where the canula was.  A day or so later I have a pea sized lump
>that is a bit sore but then goes away after a few days.  It heals ou in
>about a week which is good for me because I am a very slow healer.  I am
>up to 6 days on a set (twice in a row now) but I have had no swelling or
>pain and no redness other than that I get from the tape which I suspect
>doesn't like me.  Is this normal?  Any thoughts on this?


I've been pumping 3 months now. I switched to Humalog shortly after
starting, and found on removing the canula that the entrance hole was
slightly red and "raw". Like you I got a leakage of insulin after
removing the set. I once left the set in for 5 days, and on the 5th day
it just stopped working: my bg went to 300 inexplicably, and I found the
infusion site was "nasty". It healed, but has left a lump under the
skin, which is only slowly going.

So... following advice from this list (thank you everyone!) I started
mixing 1 part Regular (Novo Human Actrapid) to 4 parts Humalog. I draw
them both up into the syringe, then draw in a large air bubble, rock the
bubble around, before expelling it. This guarantees that the insulins
are well mixed for the start of the infusion. Since then I've had no
infections, and the site is no longer "raw" when I remove my canula. I
normally get 5 days before the tape falls off, and I use that
opportunity to do a change.

If you have recently bolussed, you will get some insulin leaking out.
For this reason try to change sets before bolussing. If it's
unavoidable, make an intelligent guess as to how much it was, and
rebolus with the new set. It's normally no more than 2 units.

Some put a small plaster over the old site for a day or two: it will
heal much faster. Put Smith&Nephew SkinPrep on the skin before inserting
the set. It will reduces skin irration to the tape. Worked brilliantly
for me. The tape with the Sofset gives a lot of trouble: it's recently
been replaced by IV3000, but you may still have the old tape. Get some
IV3000 seperately of you like.

Hope this helps.


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