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Re: [IP] To H or not to H

Dear Kasey,

The first few days I was testing Megan about every 2 hours even at night. When
we were pretty sure things were good with her basal dose me pedi-endo said to
quit poking her finger so much.

Good luck-Megan has been doing great!!! One caution-she got soap in her Quick
Release last night and when she had to get up to pee she was 459 , I bolused
1.5 units and an hour later she was 441. Had to give her an injection. I
figure the soap clogged the infusion set. Today we will change it but she
asked for a break so we gave her a breakfast injection and at lunch we will
put in a new infusion set. Megan is pretty slim and putting in the infusion
really hurts her!!! I have gone to the Sof-serter even though I like the
Silouettes better. The Sof-serter is so much faster.

Any suggestions for anyone our ther with skinny kids and placing the infusion
under the skin??'

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