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Re: [IP] To H or not to H



>If you are pumping Humalog, how often should you check BG?  Every 2 hours?
>And do you get up during the night to check?

Here's my thoughts and my experience:

When a pumper first transitions to Humalog, how often they test is partly
determined by how stable their pump routine is prior to converting to
Humalog. If BG trends are well known and documented, carbohydrate counting
works well, etc., then the pumper may not need to test any more frequently
than they do when using Regular in the pump.

However, if Humalog is being used right from the beginning in the pump, the
amount of testing needs to be worked out in conjunction with the health
care team's overall plan. Although every two hours may seem excessive to
some, I used this pattern when I first started pumping and returned to this
schedule when I switched to Humalog 4 months after starting pump therapy.
This schedule helped me document my trends and make the necessary adjustments.

I will *always* test as often as I need to try to troubleshoot any strange
variations in my patterns and trends.

I did test during the night when I first switched to Humalog (also when I
switched back to Velosulin). This was important, firstly because I wanted
to note any differences between Humalog and Velosulin and secondly because
I have always had a history of severe "nocturnal hypoglycemia". In other
words, there were quite a few times in my life when I went to sleep at
night feeling fine and woke to find myself "partying with the paramedics".
Pumping has controlled this problem for the most part, but it is still
something I try to be aware of. Since pumping, I have been fully able to
deal with all my lows unassisted.

I think the routine the pumper uses for BG testing is going to be
determined by their general "trends". I still find that my BGs will
fluctuate somewhat, even when my basal rates and all other variables are
somewhat constant. After all, life continues to throw curves at us
regardless of how well we plan things out. I may test more than others, but
I feel more confident knowing what is going on with my body.

Since I returned to Velosulin, I may test less frequently overall, but this
is a little hard to say right now. I am still fine tuning my basal rates,
so the extra testing provides me with useful information. I will wake
during the night a couple times a week to check. This will stop once I fine
tune my evening basals.

The frequency of testing is one of those areas where YMMV Your Mileage May
Vary. It's different for each of us ;-)

Bob Burnett

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