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Re: [IP] Audrey's Response to Humalog Questions

    I did need to adjust my boluses and basal rates. I am fortunate in
having an endo to help me with that.

    Good luck with your docs and blood sugars.

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From: Betty J Pegram <email @ redacted>
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Date: Sunday, April 05, 1998 7:32 AM
Subject: [IP] Audrey's Response to Humalog Questions

>Hi Audrey!
>Thanks for your encouraging response (and to others
>who offered very helpful information) regarding
>I live in Southern Colorado. We have 3
>endo's in my city, 2 who are not pump-supportive,
>1 who thinks any problems with no change in diet
>(regarding the "required snacks" most of us are trying
>to avoid), no sliding-scale for BG boomerangs, are
>the result of a "hysterical female reaction",and 1
>who saw
>me long enough to monitor me on the pump and rely on a
>CDE TO "educate" me on how to adjust basals, and then
>sent me back to my primary care physician. offering
>consultations in case of problems/issues. The doctor,
>who is an excellent General Practitioner, is not
>very comfortable doing this, so I found a Diabetic
>Clinic in a local hospital and had her refer me there.
>The CDE at the clinic has been helping me adjust my
>carb/bolus/basal ratio, and has been very helpful, but
>he couldn't advise me to go on Humalog without my
>doctor's consent. I can probably get that, but it's
>SCARY to try something new and risky without talking
>to someone who's used it. I'm already better educated
>in what questions to ask. Thanks!
>Because of so many lows (followed by some unexpained
>highs) I have not been very faithful with regular
>exercising. Your ten minute walk, morning and
>evening, sounds like a very helpful "piece of
>cake"--HA! I'll try it.
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