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[IP] Audrey's Response to Humalog Questions

Hi Audrey!
Thanks for your encouraging response (and to others
who offered very helpful information) regarding
I live in Southern Colorado. We have 3
endo's in my city, 2 who are not pump-supportive,
1 who thinks any problems with no change in diet
(regarding the "required snacks" most of us are trying 
to avoid), no sliding-scale for BG boomerangs, are
the result of a "hysterical female reaction",and 1
who saw  
me long enough to monitor me on the pump and rely on a 
CDE TO "educate" me on how to adjust basals, and then 
sent me back to my primary care physician. offering
consultations in case of problems/issues. The doctor,
who is an excellent General Practitioner, is not
very comfortable doing this, so I found a Diabetic
Clinic in a local hospital and had her refer me there.

The CDE at the clinic has been helping me adjust my
carb/bolus/basal ratio, and has been very helpful, but 
he couldn't advise me to go on Humalog without my
doctor's consent. I can probably get that, but it's
SCARY to try something new and risky without talking
to someone who's used it. I'm already better educated
in what questions to ask. Thanks!

Because of so many lows (followed by some unexpained
highs) I have not been very faithful with regular
exercising. Your ten minute walk, morning and
evening, sounds like a very helpful "piece of
cake"--HA! I'll try it.


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