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Re: [IP] To H or not to H

At 04/04/98 - 06:59 AM, Buddy Barber wrote:

>    From what you are doing now I would suggest you take your regular on a
>sliding scale for breakfast and lunch and NPH just at night. Even at this
>you could still see some lows in the morning before lunch from the NPH.

I'm on a schedule that my endo recomended. I mix R & N in the morning and
then take just R for Dinner... I do my second dose of N ad bedtime. The
amount of R is variable... but I supplement with H if I'm very high (200
and above). I will add some H if I'm high at lunch time too, otherwise I
don't shoot-up at noon. Believe me, we've tried moving things around a lot
(including going on U with a dose of R before each meal. That sort of
worked OK until I had my heart by-pass surgery 3 years ago and then for
some reason the U didn't want to work correctly any more).

>    Since you are going on the pump anyway start counting carbs and
>calculate what regular you need for breakfast and lunch and dee if you can
>get the daytime lows under control before getting the pump. When you
>supposed to start pumping?

I've ordered a couple of books to help me with carb counting. I'm supposed
to start the pump by mid/late-May or so (depending on the insurance
people). I am pretty controlled with what I eat for breakfast and lunch...
very limited repertoire that I have used for years. Dinner, is another
story, though. That is the most variable meal of the day.  

>    Since you are going on the pump. . . . .how many BG's are you taking
>now? if less that 6 you need more. At least 8 or even ten until you get a
>good picture of what is happening.

 I test a minimum of 4-5 times a day... sometimes 6-8+ times, depending on
what's happening.

>    Are you injecting soon enough before  eating? I have to have a good hour
>if my BG is normal which is most of the time. If it is high, 150 or more I
>will take some Humalog (SQ, injected) instead of bolusing for breakfast.

Yes, I allow enough time.... depending on what my BG is before the meal. If
it is very low, I hold off until a few minutes before. If I'm high I'll
shoot up up to an hour or more prior (using Humalog liberally).




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