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Re: [IP] infusion sights

On Sat, 4 Apr 1998, Pete d'Artois wrote:

> I have been pumping since March 16/98 and I love it.  I feel great and
> my bg's have levelled right out; very few highs which has always been my
> problem.  I am using Sof-Set QR's and switched to Humalog when I went on
> the pump.  I have noticed that when I pull out my infusion set I get a
> drop or two of blood/insulin and shortly after removal I get this lump
> that looks like a tiny volcano (complete with extremely small crater in
> it) where the canula was.  A day or so later I have a pea sized lump
> that is a bit sore but then goes away after a few days.  It heals ou in
> about a week which is good for me because I am a very slow healer.  I am
> up to 6 days on a set (twice in a row now) but I have had no swelling or
> pain and no redness other than that I get from the tape which I suspect
> doesn't like me.  Is this normal?  Any thoughts on this?

Well.... for leaving the set in so long it may be normal.  Try changing 
twice a week. 
Try mixing Regular of Velosulin at 4/1 or 5/1 part mix with the Humalog.

Don't remove the set immediately after disconnecting. Leave it in for at 
least the absorbtion time of the insulin you use.

5 hours regular
2 1/2 hours Humalog

Insulin is lost through the wound if you remove the set right away.

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