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[IP] Unused Insulin Rule

Please watch the subject line in your posts. This one said:
Subject:          [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #203

> OK Michael, I just read your post on  making sure  to <calculate the unused
> insulin> in a low followed by a high, and am still trying to figure out what
> the heck that means.  I 'm sorry but either I didn't follow the thread or
> catch the tail or something but this news hound dog has lost the trail (with a
> few too many brain cells courtesy of too many insulin reactions).  Duh!  Could
> you please explain what that particular phrase means?    Thanks for the rerun.
> Dianne
The 'unused insulin rule'

For low blood sugars, make the following assumptions.

Regular insulin takes 5 hours to use up
Humalog takes 2 1/2 hours to use up.


you bolus 5 units or REGULAR for a meal.
4 hours later you discover you are 50

5 units 5 hours = 1 unit used per hour
you have an hour to go, therefor there is still 


assuming 1 unit moves you 50 points (most adults)
you will get 50 units lower.  Better eat a piece of white toast well 
chewed or take some extra glucose.

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